What are my Roles and Responsibilities as an assistant

If you’re an Education Assistant or General Education Assistant, you’re already playing a valuable role in supporting our teachers and learners in the classroom. Thank you!

To find out more about your roles and responsibilities in the classroom or school, click on the assistant type below.

What are my responsibilities as an Education Assistant?

  • Help teachers with lesson prep for lessons on different topics for specific grades.
  • Help prepare the resources and worksheets needed for teaching and learning
  • Boost language across the curriculum to help improve the understanding of the subjects.
  • Guide and monitor the use of mobile phones for learning through helpful learning sites and WhatsApp group chats
  • Offer emotional support to learners
  • Run study periods, give extra classes and help learners with homework

What are my responsibilities as a Reading Champion?

  • Support teachers who teach reading
  • Assist teachers in managing learners’ reading
  • Help set up reading corners and monitor the issuing and return of books
  • Help set up and manage Reading Clubs
  • Involve learners in reading and other literacy activities
  • Organise storytelling and story-sharing activities for learners
  • Organise reading festivals
  • Be the link between schools and parents and make sure that learners take their books home and that they read them.

What are my responsibilities as an e-Cadre assistant?

  • Offer Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Technical support to teachers and learners
  • Update operating system software and applications;
  • Upload educational apps and content to teachers’ and learners’ devices
  • Charge and keep all schools’ ICT equipment safe
  • Create interactive activities for learners and teachers
  • Help teachers use certain ICT in the classroom
  • Help teachers in relevant schools with coding and robotics curriculum
  • Help school administrators capture learners’ information on the SA-SAMS/CEMIS platform
  • Help learners and teachers to access online learning resources such as videos and Open Education Resources (OERs)

What are my responsibilities as a Sports and Enrichment Assistant?

  • Help with setting up PE equipment for each lesson.
  • Make sure learners are following the teacher’s instructions and make notes of those that are struggling.
  • Monitor group activities and offer support to learners
  • Give informal tasks or after-school work to learners
  • Help with the storing of PE equipment
  • Help with after-school sports and other arts and culture programmes
  • Introduce a new sport at the school (e.g. chess or a fitness programme)
  • Promote intra-school sports leagues
  • Promote the Spelling Bee programme (Primary Schools)
  • Support learners in the Open Section of SASCE (Secondary Schools)
  • Help run other learner clubs at school, e.g., Girls/Boy Education Movement (GEM/BEM etc.).

What are my responsibilities as a Care and Support Assistant?

  • Work closely with the Life Orientation teacher to support vulnerable children who are having trouble with societal problems such as death, lack of parental involvement, bullying and sexual violence.
  • Address challenges faced by learners and improve the risk of dropout of school.
  • Assist with after-school activities, as required by the school.
  • Assist in subjects such as Arts and Culture and dance, and support learners with homework activities, sports, etc., depending on the subjects that a school offers.

What are my responsibilities as a Handyman/woman?

  • Put together a maintenance plan for work to be done
  • Painting
  • Repairs of windows
  • Repairs of doors
  • Repairs of damaged floors
  • Repair and maintenance of toilet facilities
  • Repair of fencing
  • Repair and cleaning of roofs and gutters
  • Repairs and restoration of desks and furniture
  • Repairs of leaking taps
  • Maintenance of gardens and grounds