How can the Integrated Project Assessment unleash creativity?

Creativity is defined as the ability to come up with many different ideas and apply them to find realistic solutions to problems.

There are two important aspects to creativity: Originality and usefulness.

Creativity is purpose driven and often stems from an initial need to solve a problem.

There are many skills that make up creativity. Some of these include:

  • Generating ideas.
  • Considering and evaluating the ideas.
  • Manipulating ideas.
  • Applying ideas.

It is possible to use some of these skills to assess a Learner’s ability to think creatively. This year we will be focusing on:

The Integrated Project is an immersive learning experience that goes beyond traditional projects. There are three stages to the projects:

  • Exploring the world: Inquiry-based learning – Learners ask open-ended questions
  • Embracing the challenges: Problem-based learning – Learners work together in a team to find solutions
  • Designing the future: Design learning – Learners create products and services that can be used to solve problems.

Each of the three stages stimulate creative thinking and the continuous assessment will show this.