How can any issues or dissatisfactions be reported or escalated?

Youth placed in this initiative, may come across some challenges and have questions on where to report any issues or dissatisfactions in their role. Principals and teachers may also require clarity on handling cases of youth dissatisfaction when these are reported.

Types of challenges or problems you might face in BEEI

The following are the types of challenges that may come about for assistants in the BEEI programme and may need to be reported.

  • Non-payment of stipends or stipends not paid in full
  • Denied to take leave that you qualify for
  • Being abused (physical or verbal) by an official (teacher, principal, district/circuit/PED official)
  • Being asked to do things that are against the law

Note: These are examples and not limited to these only.

In order for your query to be raised with the right people, please complete the WhatsApp survey using this form here:

When you make your submission please be sure to include:

  • Province, District, Circuit, EMIS number, Name of school
  • Name of principal
  • Name of assistant
  • Contact numbers of school, principal & assistant
  • BEEI Phase (1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • Nature of enquiry
  • Desired solution
  • Date of submission
  • Signature of assistant