How does the GEC work? (360° model)

The GEC (General Education Certificate) forms part of the National Assessment Framework (NAF) and will assist Learners in establishing pathways after ten years of schooling, for example, the Occupational stream, Vocational stream and Academic stream.

The current emphasis is on subject-specific skills and capabilities through end-of-year tests. The new added emphasis adds on broader Learner skills and capabilities, and Inclinations.

This brings a process of change to the assessment landscape: starting with the development of the assessment metric (model), looking to bring in, develop and assess 21st century skills, adopting an Assessment for Learning (AfL) pedagogy, aiming to bring in digitalisation in the administration of the GEC and ultimately, being able to provide the holistic report card (certificate).

Ultimately, this is to provide support for the 21st Century Learner to succeed in life and their future.