What are 21st Century Skills and why are they crucial for Learners?

There are many ways of describing and defining 21st Century Skills. In addition, there are different 21st Century Skills that a young person needs to succeed and thrive in a changing world. We will not be measuring all of them, but have selected 5 key 21st Century Skills for you and your learners to start identifying throughout the GEC Project.

Five key 21st Century Skills:

1. Creativity.
2. Critical thinking.
3. Communication.
4. Collaboration.
5. Metacognition.

Each 21st-century skill consists of several sub-skills, or elements that make up the broad skill. For example, communication (skill) is made up of the skills of listening, articulating, empathising as well as many more sub-skills.

Each of these 21st Century skills contributes to helping Learners keep up with the fast pace of life in the 21st Century. They teach Learners how to process information, come up with solutions to problems and work with other people.

As South Africa currently has a youth unemployment rate of 70%, it is very important that we provide Learners with as many tools for success as possible.