How can I integrate 21st-century skills into my teaching?

The GEC Integrated Project focuses on five key 21st Century Skills that young people need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset: creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and metacognition.

Teaching 21st Century Skills

The GEC project enables learners to gain these skills through the activities that form part of the project. To find out how this takes place, you can access all the supporting documents below:

  • The Guidebook will give you an understanding of what each of the 21st Century Skills entails.
  • In the supporting 21st Century Skills Toolkit, there are materials that will enable you to share your knowledge on 21st Century Skills with your Learners during lessons. You can also create informal conversations around 21st Century Skills skills during group discussions or if the opportunity arises.
  • The 21st Century Skills toolkit includes prompts for these discussions.
  • You can make 21st Century Skills visible in the classroom by displaying the dedicated posters and other materials provided in the 21st Century Skills skill toolkit.

Each Learner will be given a 21st Century skills journal. You will be instrumental in supporting the Learners to complete these journals over time. There are some fun classroom prompts that you can use to direct the Learners’ attention to their journal work (also found and explained in the 21st Century Skills Toolkit below).

Here are the documents you might find helpful.