Tell me more about the Inclinations Assessment

The Inclinations Assessment uses a well-respected tool called the Holland Code to help Learners identify their natural traits. The Holland Code, made in the 1970s, divides traits into Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional groups. It’s a useful plan to explore interests and job options that match what someone is naturally good at, leading to more happiness and achievement. The report that’s created highlights the Learners’ top three qualities according to the Holland Code.

The assessment hands Learners a report that can inform Learners about their possible future, then they can have conversations with their caregivers or parents, and teachers, as they make their Grade 10 choices about subjects, work, and careers. The report’s insights provide fresh ways for Learners to talk about themselves and their likes.

The assessment doesn’t give them a permanent label; it starts them on a journey to learn about themselves.