Project-based Learning Projects

Welcome to our Project-based Learning project page!

Here, you’ll find a collection of project-based learning projects designed to help your Learners practice their 21st-century skills, deepen their knowledge about CAPS content, and shine in their assessments. 

We have two types of projects for you:

Trailblazer projects for grades R-6.

These innovative projects for Grades R to 6 use the latest learning techniques. They come with detailed lesson plans and all the resources you need for great Term 3 assessments. Plus, projects for Grades 4-6 include Learner worksheets!

Pioneer projects for grades R-11.

Since 2021, Teachers have loved these Pioneer projects for Grades R to 11. They offer a strong foundation for teaching and learning, and they’re still great resources for your classroom.

Check out these projects and choose the ones that are best for your Learners!

Trailblazer projects for Grades R to 6

Take your Term 3 assessments to the next level with these exciting projects. They include the latest teaching tips, detailed lesson plans, and all the resources you need. Projects for Grades 4-6 also come with Learner worksheets. Transform your classroom today!

Foundation Phase

Intermediate Phase

Pioneer Projects for Grades R to 11

These popular projects have been helping Teachers since 2021. They offer a solid foundation for teaching and are still valuable resources for your classroom. Let these projects inspire your Learners to do their best.

Foundation Phase

Intermediate Phase

Senior Phase

FET Phase