What is the reward for taking the ‘Introduction to Project-Based’ Learning training?

The benefits to you, as a Teacher, are:

  • Your Learners will be more attentive and focused, making your teaching experience more enjoyable.
  • Your Learners will be more engaged and they will therefore make more effort, which will make your job easier and more rewarding.
  • Your learners will learn more deeply about the topics and they will enjoy the learning process more, and therefore their marks will increase, which you would find quite pleasing.

The benefits to your Learners are many, and over and above what is mentioned above, you will find:

  • Learner curiosity will increase and this is the fuel that drives their learning journey.
  • Learners will be able to make more connections between different learning areas and their interest will cross into other subjects, which will lead to better marks.
  • Learners will have more fun and enjoy your classes. This means the will get into a state of flow, which is the highway to better learning.