What is the reward of taking the DBE-E³’s Introduction to Project-Based Learning Programme?

Through this online training module you will:

  • Describe and identify the qualities of a prepared learner – the entrepreneurial mindset (and learn more about it)
  • Describe and identify the essential elements of a caring and enabling S.P.E.C.I.A.L. learning environment that is needed for the entrepreneurial mindset to flourish.
  • Explain Project-based Learning and how it differs from a traditional project.
    Apply these concepts as you complete reflection activities and join online group discussions through webinars and message boards.

This programme will help you in implementing the CAPS and, by participating in online professional development activities for a period of 61 minutes and more, teachers can score 8 SACE points a year. You will also receive a certificate of completion after the training and can submit that along with your Portfolio of Evidence to SACE. The greatest benefit is that you will be better equipped to help your learners succeed and at the same time get enormous joy and pleasure from teaching using these methods.