Welcome to the GEC page!

The General Education Certificate (GEC) allows Grade 9 learners to choose alternative options for finishing high school, focusing more on their technical, vocational and occupational skills. This means that learners can now opt to receive this certificate and apply to a technical college or school aimed at teaching scarce, technical skills (think agriculture, engineering, mining, media, and technical science) instead of continuing on to a singular focus university.

The GEC year will be a life-changing year for our learners, and we need to ensure that they feel encouraged about the new career pathways they are deciding on. This will give young learners the opportunity to assess their future and aim to reduce South Africa’s high school dropout rate. Let’s get our learners excited about their potential careers!

To get you on track to guide your learners, we’ve compiled some comprehensive training materials that will assist you through your sessions and through this new way of teaching.