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Welcome to the Reading Champions Training Course.

We are so pleased that you could join us on this exciting journey of learning about reading.  We hope you find it enjoyable and useful. Before you start, here are some tips and advice to ease your way.

The PDF version of the Reading Champions Manual (Download here).

Although this is an online course, we recommend that you have a notebook and a pen to write/draw or sketch your thoughts and ideas as well as to make summaries of important information.

If you have never learnt online  before, don’t worry – it’s easy. Just follow the prompts that tell you where to go and what button to click on and you will be a pro in no time.

You can finish in one sitting but you don’t have to. You can go in and out of this training course and your place will be saved automatically. 

You work in your own time so you can go through the training course at your own pace. Don’t go too slowly though: set up some achievable goals such as completing one lesson a day and stick to the plan.

There are a few quizzes in this training course. You can redo the quizzes if you struggled the first time and want to improve your score.

There are instructional videos throughout the training course to make your learning that much more enjoyable.

Training outcomes

By the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Train Library Assistants and Reading Champions on their roles and responsibilities in the Reading Champion Programme.
  • Use the Reading Champions Manual to prepare and do activities.
  • Understand and practise the five Reading activities.
  • Understand the importance of accessing, managing and using resources.
  • Plan and prepare for their activities during and after school.
  • Understand how to set up reading clubs.
  • Understand how to engage the community to support reading initiatives.

The Lessons and Topics

Lesson 1: The Reading Champions Training Course: An overview 

Topic 1
: Your favourite reading memories

Topic 2: The purpose of the Reading Champions programme

Topic 3: The importance of reading for enjoyment

Topic 4: The roles and responsibilities of people in this programme
Topic 5: What to expect when you get to your school

Lesson 2: Preparing for Reading

Topic 1:
Choosing suitable books

Topic 2: Reading routines and preparation 

Topic 3: Preparing for Reading Aloud

Lesson 3: An overview of the five reading activities

Topic 1
: Storytelling

Topic 2: Reading aloud

Topic 3: Shared reading

Topic 4: Paired reading

Topic 5: Independent reading 

Lesson 4: The five reading activities step-by-step

Topic 1
: Storytelling Step-by Step

Topic 2: Reading Aloud Step-by Step

Topic 3: Shared Reading Step-by Step

Topic 4: Paired Reading Step-by Step

Topic 5: Independent Reading Step-by Step

Lesson 5: Obtaining, Using and Managing reading resources

Topic 1 & 2:
Setting up a reading corner in the classroom & Accessing hard copy books

Topic 3: Accessing digital books

Topic 4: How to choose the right books

Topic 5: How to level books

Topic 6: Matching books to learners

Topic 7: Displaying books

Topic 8: Caring for books

Topic 9: Creating print-rich environments

Topic 10: Managing book check out

Topic 11: Setting up a Reading Corner

Lesson 6: Extended reading support

Topic 1:
Reading Clubs – set up and activities

Topic 2: Community Activation

It’s time to start your first lesson and take your first step to becoming a Reading Champion. Good luck and have fun!

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