Maintaining Positivity

We’re here to guide you through the PYEI programme, as principals, teachers and education assistants as you embark on this new journey. It’s so important to maintain a positive mindset within your roles and we’re here to make sure you do!

Click on the links below to find tips, tricks and info – all aimed at inspiring change and a positive mindset in your classrooms 🤗

How teachers and assistants will work in the classroom 📖

Teachers have the awesome opportunity to mould and guide Education Assistants to maximise their greatest potential. This guide includes all you need to know about how teachers and EAs can work together in the classroom.

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5 Strategies For Managing Change In Schools 📚

With the introduction of PYEI Phase 2, your classrooms will soon need to adapt and ready themselves for a new journey. Here are some things to have in mind before a change within a school environment.

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Unleashing the Power of Positivity in Your School 🙌

A positive community of teachers in a school can have a super powerful effect on learners. A can-do attitude and understanding of emotions can truly change the school environment for the better.

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Girls & Boys Education Movement clubs – a guide for schools (UNICEF)

This UNICEF guide encourages learners to start clubs that assist girls in completing studies in the maths, science, and technology fields. 🔭

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Supporting for depressed learners 💛

This downloadable PDF leaflet provides info on identifying and supporting learners at risk of depression and suicide and includes valuable tips on the role educators can play.

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10 ways to create a positive culture in your classroom 👍

Keep things light and show you care, emphasize high expectations, let your own passion for the material shine through. Hold meaningful class discussions that go beyond the standard lecture.

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