How to use the Education Assistants in the Classroom

👩‍🏫⭐ Below are all the roles and responsibilities that your Education Assistants will tackle during their time with you in your classroom:

  • Prepares the classrooms/ laboratories for lessons
  • Ensures compliance to COVID-19 protocols
  • Marks the register
  • Hands out worksheets or resources for lessons
  • Collect materials such as Atlases, maps, globes, etc. that were used during the lesson and stores them
  • Hands out marked learner books or collect books to control classwork/ homework/assignments
  • Alerts the teacher of any matter that needs their attention;
  • Maintaining classroom behaviour
  • Supporting learners and assisting them to complete tasks
  • Supervising learners as they work in groups
  • The EAs can also guide the use of cell phones/ tablets/ computers for learning websites. (WhatsApp group chats, monitored and supported by the EAs and teachers, can be set up for learners to discuss their work)
  • The EAs can also provide emotional support to learners
  • The EAs can also be responsible for the supervision of study periods, provide extra classes, and assist learners with homework to keep learners engaged.