Education Assistants to assist with teaching & learning in classrooms

General School Assistants to help with Infrastructure Maintenance, offer Psychosocial Support /Counselling and as Sports & Enrichment Assistants

+- 192 000 Education Assistants (EAs)

+- 95 000 General School Assistants (GSAs)

5 months
(approximately 1 November 2021- 31 March 2022)

The monthly stipend for youth appointed in Phase III of the PYEI is R4040,63, after the deduction of the 1% employee contribution towards UIF, which is R40,81.

The stipend for youth appointed in Phase II of the PYEI is R3817,44 per month minus UIF contribution of R38.

The stipend will be paid on the last working date of the respective month.

For the guide on the calculation of pro-rata payment of stipends for youth appointed as part of PYEI, follow this link.

Public Ordinary Schools & Learners with Special Educational Needs (LSEN) schools in 9 Provincial Education Departments (PED’s)

Some schools may choose not to participate in the programme

There will be a minimum of 10 / 15 assistants allocated per school depending on the size of the school.

  • Aged 18-35 (must not turn 36 before 31 March 2022 – except for LSEN schools where there is no age limit)
  • Must live walking distance from the location of the school
  • Only one opportunity can be taken up per household
  • Must not be employed, studying or training (even part time)
  • Must NOT be receiving government grants (NSFAS, Funza Lushaka). Those
    receiving child, disability, social or the R350 grants are allowed to apply.
    There might be additional exclusions per province, for eg
    GAUTENG: Those receiving a GCRA bursary should not apply. Applicants can’t participate in any other government income earning opportunities
  • Cannot have a criminal record
  • They must meet the criteria per job category

CATEGORY: Education Assistants

  • Curriculum
  • ICT/eCadres
  • Reading Champions

CATEGORY: General School Assistants

  • Psychosocial Support/Counselling – Child & Youth Care Worker (CYCW)
  • Infrastructure Maintenance (Handyman)
  • Sports and Enrichment Assistants (SEA)

Education Assistants : must have at least a matric

  • Curriculum
    at least 40% (level 3 pass) in the subject they will be placed in
  • ICT/eCadre
    work seeker should have passed IT as a subject in matric OR have a qualification OR a certificate course in IT
  • Reading Champion
    work seeker should have passed English at matric level and have a passion for reading

General School Assistants :

  • Psychosocial Support/Counselling -Child & Youth Care Worker (CYCW)
    work seeker should have passed matric or any of the Health profession certificates
  • Infrastructure Maintenance (Handyman)
    work seeker should have a passion for infrastructure maintenance related jobs environment (no matric requirement)
  • Sports and Enrichment Assistants (SEA)
    work seeker should have a passion for working with learners, passion for Sport or Arts (no matric requirement)

There is only one way to apply for this opportunity and walk-ins to the schools are discouraged
Go to (zero rated) and register. Once you have registered you will be able to apply to a school near to where you live on the mobi site.

You cannot apply by visiting the school in person – if young people are not on the SA Youth system they will not be able to be paid.

Everyone needs to re-apply for these positions regardless of whether or not they have worked in this role before.

You can apply to the school where you previously worked. If you performed well this will obviously count in your favour in the interview.

If you have not heard back from a school by 24 October 2021 then unfortunately your application has not been successful.

Once you have registered on the site – the DBE opportunities that match your location will appear automatically. Alternatively you can search under “Education Assistant” or “General School Assistant” & find an opportunity close to you.

PLEASE NOTE: if you apply for a position that you live too far away from to walk to, your application will not be successful. ONLY apply to opportunities that you are able to walk to every morning.

If you have previously registered on or on you will automatically be registered on So just log in using those details.
If you can’t remember your password select the option “Forgot password” and if you are using the phone number that you used when you originally registered you will receive a link via SMS to reset your password.

If you have changed your phone number you will need to use your email address to reset it. Otherwise you can call 0800 727272 for help re-setting your password. (Please note that over this time we will be receiving a LOT of phone calls so you need to be patient)

Thanks for your patience, there are a lot of young people all applying at the same time – which causes the mobi-site to go down occasionally. We are working on it all the time to make sure you can access it. Remember you have until 3rd October to apply so please try again later! is zero rated but still requires a connection so If you struggle to access the site you can also try from another phone or device (perhaps a friend or family member).

If you are struggling to access as you have forgotten your password, you can reset via the SAYouth mobi site, using the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the login page and find link to ‘I forgot my username / password’,

Step 2: Choose your recovery method.
SMS – To use the SMS option you must have access to the phone number used to set up your account and either your SA ID number or your full name. if the profile details match you will receive an SMS with a reset link within 1 hour, select the link in this SMS to set your new password.
EMAIL – If you’d prefer to reset via email, you will follow similar steps but you will need to have access to the email address you used to set up the account, once entered you will receive your reset link via email. enter your details, wait for a reset link to be sent to you via SMS or Email,

SECURITY QUESTIONS – or you can reset using security questions if you set these up previously.

Step 3: open the link & reset your password!

Remember that the opportunity is open until 11.59PM 3rd Oct, 2021 and we do not work on a first come, first served basis – as long as your application is received before the closing date you will be considered for the opportunities available.

You can also call SA Youth toll-free from 9am – 4.30pm on Mondays to Fridays on 0800 727272
Or you can email them on
Or reach out to them on Facebook

Once you apply, the mobi site will display a message saying that your application has been received. This is your confirmation – plus if you try to apply again it will tell you that you have already applied.

If you are shortlisted and are invited to an interview at a school you will be required to bring:

  1. Certified copy of your ID
  2. Matric certificate (where applicable) or other NQF 4 or higher qualification proof
  3. Your CV
  4. A testimonial eg. From a former school, local chief, church leader, or previous employer

These documents will be required after young people have been successful in their interviews (Do not need to bring to 1st interview):

  • Police clearance certificate (to submit within 2 months of appointment);
  • Declaration letter from applicant confirming that the applicant is:
    • NotinEducation,EmploymentorTraining(NEET)
    • Notreceivinganyotherformofsalary/wages

This will be issued by schools at appointment stage

Applicants are shortlisted based on their eligibility:

  • Matching the criteria (age, qualification)
  • Proximity to school
  • Community involvement

If you misrepresented your address and proximity to the school you will be terminated with immediate effect. So please make sure that the address details listed on SA Youth are correct!

Interviews for the various positions will start from 11 October 2021 onwards. Schools will contact those they want to interview.

Once selected work will start at the beginning of November.

You will only be considered for schools that are within walking distance from the home address we have for you. All schools that are a part of the programme were loaded and available on the system. If you mis-represent where you live and cannot walk to the school you will be terminated immediately.

Our toll free support line is open 9am-4.30pm if you are struggling to get through we may be experiencing higher than normal call volumes. Please note you can apply for this opportunity, update your profile & reset your password yourself through

You can also chat to us via our SA Youth Facebook page or send us an email via

Yes, you can apply on SA Youth, Harambee or on Tshepo 1 Million but only SA Youth is zero rated so it won’t use any of your data.

It is preferred that all successful applicants are vaccinated before they start in the schools. Applicants are all in the age bracket that are eligible for the vaccine and should visit a vaccine site closest to them to get the vaccine.

This intervention is meant for youth that are Not in Employment, Education, and Training (NEET).

You can report this to the DBE directly.

Email them at:

This email address will be active from 1 October 2021

Youth placed in this initiative, may come across some challenges and have questions on where to report any issues or dissatisfactions in their role. Principals and teachers may also require clarity on handling cases of youth dissatisfaction when these are reported. 

Types of challenges or problems you might face in PYEI

The following are the types of challenges that may come about for assistants in the PYEI programme and may need to be reported.

  • Non-payment of stipends or stipends not paid in full 
  • Denied to take leave that you qualify for
  • Being abused (physical or verbal) by an official (teacher, principal, district/circuit/PED official)
  • Being asked to do things that are against the law

Note: These are examples and not limited to these only.

Steps to follow when reporting challenges or issues in PYEI

Follow the below steps when reporting issues or enquiries related to PYEI. Remember to start with step one first and if the matter doesn’t get resolved after 7 working days, you can move on to the next steps.

Step 1: The assistant need to inform the school principal, mentor, finance office or admin office of any challenges they are experiencing. Allow the school 7 days to investigate.

Step 2: If the school did not resolve the matter, the assistant may file a report at the Circuit Office or District Coordinator. See a list of District Offices here.

Step 3: If the District did not resolve the matter, the assistant may report to the Provincial Office. See a list of Provincial Offices here.

Step 4: If the Province did not resolve the matter, the assistant may escalate to the DBE at 

Step 5: The Assistant has the right to complain at the Public Protector 012 366 7000 / 0800 112 040 or Public Service Commission at 0800 701 701 or Presidential Hotline at 17737 or

The below info should be included in each report:

  • Province, District, Circuit, EMIS number, Name of school
  • Name of principal
  • Name of assistant
  • Contact numbers of school, principal & assistant
  • PYEI Phase (1,2 or 3)
  • Nature of enquiry
  • Desired solution
  • Date of submission
  • Signature of assistant

As the Basic Education sector is drawing nearer to the end of Phase 3 (31 August  2022),  the DBE continues to provide support and encouragement to the youth of SA!

The below exit opportunities are available for those who have been a part of PYEI and want to continue broadening their horizons towards a teaching qualification. 

Please note: The below are external links to websites outside of DBE-E³ and data rates may apply. DBE-E³ is not liable for any information on these websites.

  • Funza Lushaka Bursary: A merit-based bursary available to applicants who completed matric with a bachelor’s pass. Apply here.
  • Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator: Accessible via the SA Youth Mobi platform, is this free national network for all young people to access learning and earning opportunities. Register here.
  • Yes4Youth: A free and zero-rated national platform that connects talented and engaged work seekers to various opportunities. Sign up here.
  • International Scholarships: Opening up possibilities for SA learners who wish to pursue studies abroad. Visit here.
  • Government and opportunities for youth: A focus on opportunities that the Government provides for the youth.
  • UNDP & NYDA Youth Development: The programme promotes youth driven job creation initiatives and supports entrepreneurs with ideas that generate self-employment and/or employment.
  • IDC Youth Development: The IDC focuses on education, work experience and entrepreneurial development through available bursaries.
  • Skills Portal: Offering young people work readiness programmes, opportunities to advance their education and make a difference in their communities.
  • Amy Foundation Youth Skills Development: A free three-month programme with a focus on Hospitality; Beauty & Wellness; Sewing, Craft & Design; Soft Skills & Work-Readiness, Retail Readiness, Artisan Skills and Business Skills & Entrepreneurship.
  • Google Digital Skills for Africa: A range of free learning content designed to help grow your business or jumpstart your career.  
  • Intel: A range of self-paced courses focusing on Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Kaduna SUBEB Recruitment: An equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity and gender equity in education.
  • Commonwealth Professional Fellowships: Opportunity to spend time at a UK host organisation working for a programme of professional development.
  • Online Book Club: Get paid to review books, completely free.

The programme’s main aim is to address high levels of youth unemployment in South Africa and by taking part in the PYEI programme, young work-seekers will be expanding their knowledge and upskilling themselves in order to successfully move from learning to earning.