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Purpose of this online training module

The General Education Certificate (GEC) is a flagship programme of the Department of Education (DBE) designed to expand the learning pathways and success opportunities of South African learners. The GEC is a holistic assessment programme that focuses on providing learners with reliable measures of 21st-century skills to guide their further education pathways and strengthen their employability skills. Through this programme and after 10 years of schooling in GET, learners will get to be recognised in three different areas: curriculum attainment, general capabilities, and career inclinations and talents.

Learners will participate in a project-based learning project in grade 9 (lesson five is about the integrated project). Through continuous assessment, they will gain a better understanding of their general capabilities and talents, as well as their academic knowledge.  

This online training will introduce the GEC programme, what it is and how it will roll out in 2022.

Through this online training module you will:

  1. Describe what the GEC is and how it works 
  2. Reflect on the current practices of the GEC and your existing practices.
  3. Be encouraged to implement your new learnings in your learning environments (classrooms)

This online training module has 8 short lessons that are supported by a corresponding Training Manual. These lessons are very short and cover the following content:

  1. Lessons One: Overview of the GEC and purpose of the training
  2. Lesson Two: The GEC Implementation and Rollout Plans for 2022
  3. Lesson Three: The Roles and Responsibilities 
  4. Lesson Four: The GEC and Assessment 
  5. Lesson Five: Three Components of Assessment 
  6. Lesson Six: Preparing for a Changing World
  7. Lesson Seven: Recording and Reporting 
  8. Lesson Eight: Moderation, QA and Remarking 
Throughout this module you will LEARN, REFLECT AND DO…


LEARN: we know that it is important to learn through listening, watching, reading and writing, so we have created different types of training resources. We have created a series of short videos to watch that visually unpacks and explains the key concepts. 


REFLECT: In the words of John Dewy,

“We do not learn from experience we learn from reflecting on experience.”

Because reflection is an essential part of the learning process, some lessons have a few reflection questions. There are no right or wrong answers here and so you will not receive a mark for your reflections.  


DO:  Throughout this online training module, you will have opportunities to:

  • Test your knowledge by completing activities
  • Complete activities that ask you to apply and use your knowledge in your own classrooms.
Duration of this online training module
  • There are 8 short lessons that will take you approximately 10 – 20 minutes each to complete (a total of approximately 5-7 hours). Do not worry if you need more time for some of them or if you complete them a little quicker. We all learn differently.
Navigation Kit
What you will need: 

  • 🗒️ A notepad and pen should you need to take notes
  • 🎧 A headset (only in case you are in a noisy environment)
  • Please note all reflections will not be assessed as these are your personal views and thoughts. However you are encouraged to submit them to learn from your thoughts.

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